Artists' management

Business management has always been the cornerstone of the success of any artist, and it is very infrequent that for an artist to thrive and shine in an exceptional way, unless there’s a well trained integrated team that draws plans, arranges priorities, and builds strategies for the artist’s work, and this team has always endeavored to show this artist in the most ideal.

Taking that into account, CastyPlus‘ Artist Management has an exceptional priority, Therefore, our organization devoted all of the support and attention that is needed in this department, securing all the details necessary to satisfy our customers.

Hence, We at CastyPlus provide our clients with dedicated and devoted teams that cover all of the needed fields to start their artistic career with us, by starting from the appearance, Whereas our experts determine the appropriate look for the artist in which it has to fit and go in line with the characters and the artistic material he provides, That includes a variety of hairstyles, styles, and accessories.

While the legal team takes care of settling the client’s legal matters to the maximum possible degree and to facilitate all of the related work requirements.

At the same time, the technical team will provide professional photography sessions for the artists to present them in a perfect image, With the role of the media department in the organization by starting to promote it through various different platforms (TV, Internet, Radio).

Deals are very fundamental for every artist, Therefore, CastyPlus, with its specialized team, can attract the best offers and projects for you, by securing concerts for singers, nominating important roles with the most important drama production companies for actors, and ensuring their presence in festivals, as well as media meetings.

CastyPlus, through its financial team, undertakes complete financial management of the client’s accounts, including their relationship with external financial institutions, and resolves their potential issues.

CastyPlus, with its technical team, also helps the client to improve and choose his artistic works and provide the necessary advice such as song lyrics, and the acting roles offered, in a manner that suits the client’s financial and psychological interest, and to represent the client’s image in front of the audience.

CastyPlus distinguishes itself as a non-monopoly organization, Therefore, all of our contracts with our clients are flexible and fair, for the benefit of both contracting parties.

CastyPlus pays special attention to the development of the artist, enriching his connections, and polishing his talent.

Considering this, it provides the client with all the necessary training and courses, whether with regard to charisma, body language, media discourse, or press interviews.