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CastyPlus Limited Liability Company is a Comprehensive service company for employees in the artistic, media, film production sectors all alike, and its headquarter been taken a place in Istanbul, Turkey, with a prospect of opening many branches around the world and going global.

CastyPlus endorses professionalism, pace, and punctuality as fundamental principles of their work take on constructing a bridge of communication between clients working in both technical and media fields in order to create an exceptional product that is far from being negligible and elevates by the mind and taste of the recipient.

CastyPlus undertakes the responsibility of enclosing the gap between art, media, literary, music, and cinematic content creators, and the various production agencies that are concerned with this product.
Whereas Arabic speakers face immense difficulties in finding the appropriate agencies to produce and promote their work to reach their desired goal, and secure providing the right logistical services for the production of those artistic works, which include acquiring the necessary licenses, in addition to finding the right filming sites at the most efficiency,  and securing the necessary human elements for the work, and any other details.
CastyPlus is there to strive their devoted teams that are completely dedicated to their clients, adding to it their own touch of sophistication.

CastyPlus seeks to be an approach to create unlimited opportunities for content creators, media production, and art with talents and stars.


CastyPlus considers that coaching the human being is one of the most important values on which it is based, Therefor it is first and foremost concern is discovering talents as well as nourishing them, and ensure the appropriate environment they require, concluded in reserving their place in the art scene.


Serving artistic and film production companies are at the core of CastyPlus‘ work, as they are completely concerned with securing the human, logistical, artistic, and legal elements and creating a link between all of the artistic process aspects.